Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art Ibiza: On the Road

With so many galleries, restaurants and bars in Ibiza exhibiting works of art it can sometimes be hard work to get round them all. So our clever artists get together each year to put their paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and ceramics on display where the great Ibiza public are - they go on the road.

Many of Ibiza's towns and villages host this travelling art show during the hot summer months and wherever they go they draw crowds of interested onlookers and prospective buyers. However it's not just an exhibition of finished works as you can actually see works of art in progress as these talented people display their skills live 'en vivo'

Spotlight will have a list of times and venues for this coming summer's exhibitions so stay tuned. Here are some photos of Art on Tour from last August.

Currently a work in progress the future blog post ' Bars with Art' is taking longer to research than envisaged, but look out for it soon!

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