Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Foodie Ibiza: Tapa Tapa Tapa

Our Ibiza Spotlight news has just featured an article about the Tapa Route in San Antonio. Whilst we can't provide would be routiers with a GPS navigation system we do have a map and a list of all the bars in numerical order.
Here's the map

and here are the bars
1 Hostal Marino, 2 Hostal Marí, 3 Tijuana, 4 Hostal Tarba, 5 Ample32, 6 Mesón es Verro, 7 Urban Cerveceria, 8 Villa Manchega, 9 Zebra, 10 Cafetería El Pueblo, 11 Ca Nostra, 12 Confort Café, 13 El Yate, 14 S'Avaradero, 15 Island Café, 16 Rita's Cantina, 17 Stephan Restaurante, 18 Club Náutico, 19 Koppas and 20 Linares.

You'll find regional cuisine from Andalucia, Galicia, Castille La Mancha, Ibiza as well as others from Spain, France and Holland.

Following the route also gives you a chance to sample the food from some really good San Antonio restaurants like Zebra, Ample 32 and the Nautical Club.

Apart from Thursday 12th March when prices are set at €1 for a tapa and a drink (wine or beer) the following Thursdays up to Easter will provide a Pintxo and a drink for €2 or a tapa and drink for €4 – easy on the pocket and walking from bar to bar will do you the world of good.

And if you needed any more encouragement here's a photo of some Pintxos, basque style
Bon Profit

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