Friday, March 6, 2009

Unbelievable Ibiza: Let the Parador Commence

Over the years I've written many articles on the subject of projects for Ibiza as promised by the politicians here. The common theme amongst them is that none of them have ever happened; the demolition of the Cretu mansion and the Idea disco in San Antonio, the plan of excellence in Cala de Bou (still not finished), the redevelopment of Central Ibiza to name but a few.
These days I don't even bother with some of the pie in the sky schemes they come up with - the tram through Playa den Bossa for example - but I'm happy to say that after 20 years of gabbing about it, the first stone on the new parador has been laid.

At the ceremony to mark the event a time capsule was buried in the foundations. In 50 years time when the parador is being demolished to make way for the new macro airport terminal 3, people will find the artifacts which the politicians believed typified early 21st century Ibiza.
A cassette tape of Julio Iglesias' Greatest Hits

A hundred Peseta bill

Two free tickets to the Hillbilly Hoedown

An Intasun Holiday brochure featuring Ibiza hotels

Have I missed anything?

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