Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everyday Ibiza: The Naming of Names

Outside Spain most of us are blessed with only one last name shared by all the family. Thus, the world's most famous family, Homer, Marge (nee Bouvier,) Bart, Lisa and the other one all have the 'surname' Simpson.

In Spain and other Latin countries everybody has two family names (first apellido and second apellido) so how does the system work?

Here with some typical Ibicenco names is just what happens.

Jaume Guasch Tur meets and marries Mari Ribas Planells. Mari continues to use her own apellidos and does not change to her husband's names. Their first child Jaume is born and his full name would be

Jaume Guasch Ribas

by taking his father's first apellido and then his mother's first apellido – hence the male apellido is always the one that is passed down through the family.

If you've ever wondered why Spanish mailboxes in apartments are covered in text, it's having to write everyone's different names on it.

Interesting Note. In apellidos like Dominguez and Rodriguez, the 'ez' means 'son of ' Domingo and Rodrigo.

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