Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cultural Ibiza: Alternative Space

Today's a big day for thousands and thousands of clubbers who've come to Ibiza for the massive Space opening party.

For the hundreds of thousands of others who'll be giving it a miss there are other cultural activities available and a glimpse at the Diario de Ibiza's Cultural Agenda reveals the following

All day at Santa Eulalia's Congress Palace you can catch American Python Terry Gilliam at the Third Ibiza Film Festival.

At Can Ventosa in Ibiza town there's a performance of Rossini's farcical opera ‘Il Signor Bruschino’ at 19.00.

Art lovers might fancy a trip to Ibiza Council's 'Sala Capitular' where there's an exhibition marking 40 years of the city's Museum of Modern Art featuring works by Alcaraz, Bechtold, Broner, Calbet, Echarri, Faber, Flanagan, Floris, Hinterreiter, Hormigo, Marca-Relli, Portmany, Micus, Munford, Sansegundo, Schlosser, Tur Costa and Trökes. This one runs until October.

There's plenty of silliness at San Jose famous Clown School from 20.00 today with an Homage to Xevi Collellmir involves quite a bit of clowning around. (Tip – don't be tempted to smell any giant flowers in lapels!)

The Andalusians in Ibiza celebrate the 'Rocío' today with a choir at 13.00 and at 18.00 a procession to the Church of the Rosario.

More choral music can be heard at Santa Cruz Church in Ibiza when Charlotte Look directs a concert by 5 choirs from San Agustin at 18.30

And finally, there's a big folklore festival 'Mare Nostrum' taking place all over the island with traditional music and dancing from all over Spain and germany which you can catch at 11.30 in San Jose, 12.00 in San Antonio, 19.00 in Ibiza's Reina Sofia park, 19.30 in San Miguel and 20.00 in Jesus.

Enjoy your day everyone, where ever you go.

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