Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Celebrity Ibiza: A Brush with Fame

It's not so often I actually get to see any of Ibiza's rich and famous visitors with my own eyes but this week they've been like buses in my home village of San Jose – nothing for ages and then they all arrive at once.

Destino tapas bar was the dinner venue of celebrity crimper Andrew Barton from the TV programme 'Ten Years Younger' who is on the island to marry his partner. Fresh from the live version of TYY at Earl's Court, the Barnsley barber (42 but looking about 32) was accompanied by some of the 70 wedding guests at the trendy restaurant.

Barton has a touch of Klass

Also in the village today was Niki Lauda's car. The Smart Cabrio shot to fame last month when it was 'nicked' in Ibiza. Lauda, the airline owning former F1 champ who drove for Ferrari, Brabham and McClaren, and who's been coming to Ibiza since 1979, offered a reward for anyone who could help trace the distinctive looking motor.

Niki's nicked Laudamobile

It was found a couple of days later by an alert Ibicenco family in Jesus who found it parked right outside their front door. Asked what they were going to do with the reward, the family replied that they were sleeping on it, as the mattress is the best place to keep your cash.

Niki's dashboard

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