Thursday, August 27, 2009

Urban Culture: Rap in Ibiza

If like me, you occasionally become a little tired of the almighty house music, then there's an alternative this week thanks to Ibiza town council who've stumped up a grand to help finance the Rap in Ibiza fest!

A celebration of urban lifestyle, it'll be held in the Gala Night complex in Ses Paisses just outside San Antonio this Friday and Saturday. The venue was chosen in an effort to recreate the special West Coast glamour of rap fests in LA.

There'll be the usual plethora of baggy pants, basketball shirts, bandannas and funky handshakes as rappers, break-dancers, graffiti artists and skateboarders do their stuff, and it's only €20 to get in for a whole day!

And as if this wasn't different enough to the urbane house music culture then check this out – the organisers have never once mentioned that the venue is 'an old abandoned zoo' (because it isn't) nor that it is in 'the hills of Benimussa,' (because it isn't)

Altogether now

I said I can't wait 'til the end of the week
when I'm rappin' to the rhythm of a groovy beat
and attempt to raise your body heat
just blow your mind so that you cant speak
and do a thing but a rock and shuffle your feet
and let it change up to a dance called the freak..........

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