Monday, November 30, 2009

Economic Ibiza: Ke Kafe

Another restaurant in our intermittent series featuring Ibiza Restaurants' ecomonic 'Menu del Dia' lunches.

The blackboard caught my eye at the Ke Kafe (C/ Bisbe Azara, Tel 971 194004) near the Vara de Rey in Ibiza town. Not only is this place unusual in that it uses the letter 'k' at every available opportunity, but also it has two chefs from widely different backgrounds and specialises in food from the Med, Morocco and the Far East.

So, for €9 you can choose from kream of pea soup, potato and vegetable pie or wanton, followed by chicken or vegetable kous-kous, prawns with chinese noodles or tandoori chicken, and fruit kebabs or tiramisu for dessert.

Sounds good to me.

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