Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ibiza Top Taxi Tips

We've got a brilliant new gizmo on the Maps section of our main Spotlight site. It's a taxi fare calculator. All you do is click two points on the map representing your journey and hey presto, up pops the distance and the fare you'll pay depending on whether it's day or night.
The only differences to the fare will be because of waiting times in traffic, the meter still keeps ticking if you're in a traffic jam or waiting forever at lights. If you phone for a taxi they charge an extra €1 for putting the flag down.

If you do want to phone for a taxi, here are the radio taxi numbers numbers

Radiotaxi Eivissa - tel. 971 39 84 83
Radiotaxi Sant Josep - tel. 971 80 00 80
Radiotaxi Sant Antoni - tel. 971 34 37 64
Radiotaxi Santa Eulària - tel. 971 33 33 33
Radiotaxi Sant Joan - tel. 971 33 33 33

I had a chat with a few taxi drivers yesterday and they told me that if you are waiting by the roadside and you see a taxi, wave at it even if it doesn't have the green for hire illuminated, because the driver will radio his colleagues in the area to pick you up.

Remember that all the legal taxis in Ibiza have an SP license plate on the car, a green light and a meter to calculate the tariff.

If you feel the need to engage the driver in conversation here are a couple of useful phrases.

Have you been busy? - Has estado occupado?
What time are you on 'til? - Hasta que hora trabajarás?

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