Monday, January 31, 2011

Ibiza Retreats: Life Coaching Workshop

You are invited to en-join a Visioning & Life Coaching workshop on Sunday February 6th at 2pm Allowing you to focus on what you really want to create, do and be..

....give your passions space & time to express themselves....

....and make the most of your precious time & energy!

Where attention goes energy flows....

Below the vital info! (and please R.S.V.P.):

Sunday 6th February is all about you taking time for you.
Self-time in warm & welcoming surroundings with like-minded company, enjoying a half-day designed to set you up for much more success & happiness.
Have you set your intentions for 2011? 
Do you know where you are going, what goals are most important to you?
Would you like to create a year ahead that really does fulfill your needs?
Did you know that what the eye sees the mind believes and thus must become our reality?

Larah facilitates you to be in the zone to focus on your Visions, Goals and Dreams with the aid of some lovely Life Coaching strategies: 
* Gentle yoga stretching to open up the body & get you out of your head and into a peaceful place to begin 
* Breath-work to release, calm & centre your energy 
* Visualisations & meditations to help you connect with your inner-self, deeper wishes, real goals & dreams
* Vision Boards – A fun way to creative manifestations of your inner-most desires, in techni-colour collages to help you bring your desires to life!
* Wheel of Life 2011 - Life Coaching to set you up with a clear fresh focus on what you want to have, be, feel & achieve for the year ahead - at work, at home, in your relationships, in your creativity, your health and, of course your wealth & prosperity  
* Life Coaching tools & strategies - for sustaining your energy, staying motivated and on track
* Soul-food soups & copious cups of herbal teas 

 When: Sunday 6th February from 2.00pm  (until around 6.30pm)
Just: a much-appreciated donation of €25 per person
Where: Close to Santa Gertrudis with a big warm fire! R.s.v.p. for directions
Tel: +34 670 248 292

Please feel free to invite any others who would like to get clear about their visions for 2011....

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