Thursday, February 26, 2009

Art Ibiza: Exhibitions

Thanks to the Diario de Ibiza's cultural agenda for supplying us with following information about art exhibitions around the galleries, bars, restaurants and public spaces of the island which can all be seen free of charge.

Municipal Exhibition room, Santa Eulalia: 'Women and Water' - photos by Tomas Abella until 28/2
Bar Sur, Andenes 6, Ibiza Port: 'Women and Spaces' – paintings by Monica Matheu

Café Musset, Santa Gertrudis: 'Ibiza Magica' - photos by José Miguel Roldán Cívico until 28/2
Can Botino, Dalt Vila: ‘Enric Fajarnés Tur (1858-1934) - Entre la història i la demografia’ Exhibition to mark Fajarnes year. Until 2/3
Cafe Azul, Isidoro Macabich, Ibiza: Paintings by Lizzy Bolmacher until 3/3
Es Polvori, Dalt Vila: Paper Cuisine – Balearic gastronomy until 8/3
Via 2 Galery, Via Punica, Ibiza: Paintings by Cis Lenaerts until 14/3
Samsara, San Carlos: 'Sign Art' – paintings by Pablo Acuña, until 19/3
Sa Nostra Cultural Space, Aragon, Ibiza: 'Exquisite Cadaver' – Art by Balearic Artists, until 20/3Sa Punta des Moli, San Antonio: 'Lives affected by AIDS' - photos until 28/2
Espacio Micus, Jesus: Sculpture and painting by Marcel Floris until March
Bar Es Magatzem de Can Jordi, San Jose: 'Beyond Instant' – photos by Andrés Iglesias until 21/3
Cas Serres Library, Ibiza: 'Information and Means of Communication' – exhibition of books on information, until 23/3
Can Botino Cafe, Dalt Vila: Paintings and collages by Petra Reimers until 31/3
Ibiza Town Hall, Dalt Vila: 'Five Paintings' by Eduard Micus, until 31/12
See more Ibiza artists' galleries on this link Artists of Ibiza

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