Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Forgotten Ibiza: Festival Club

When mass package tourism first arrived on Ibiza around 40 years ago the whole ethos of holidays was very different to today. In those days people went abroad with some trepidation and in organised groups to cope with the foreign language, different currency and strange local customs.

Back then, you didn't hire a car and explore, you booked an excursion with your holiday company rep and were ferried from place to place on coaches with everyone else.

It even happened for your evening's entertainment! High in the hills overlooking San Jose is one forgotten relic of Ibiza's tourist past.

Festival Club is now only a crumbling reminder of the days when hundreds of happy holiday makers would arrive by coach, eat and drink at the tables of the vast amphitheatre and watch bull fights and international cabaret shows under the twinkling stars.

Nowadays, Festival Club is used only by graffiti artists, fly-tippers, paintballers and underwear models for Pacha Magazine when a post apocalyptic backdrop is required.

Did any of our readers ever visit Festival Club in days of yore? Do you have any photographs or memories? We'd love to publish some. Please contact us by email

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  1. Hi, Thankyou for all those wonderful photos. Yes I remember the Festival Club very well, we used to take our children there, it was never a real bull fight only mock bull fighting. A man with a horn 'contraption' and sometimes a baby bull or cow ( black ). Will look to see if we can find any photos. Also we remember Glory Park , another extravagent idea before it's time(greyhound racing) Regards Harry M