Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ibiza Uncovered: Cala Conta

We never do gratuitous nudity on Spotlight, but we love it when it's in context, and what better context than nude Ibiza beach number two – Cala Conta.
Visitors to this popular cove – reached easily by bus or water taxi from San Antonio – may never have realised that it has a smaller, baby brother cove, which is a naturist reserve and is 300 metres to the left of the Sunset Ashram bar as you look out to sea.

Backed by high cliffs, this small sandy crescent shaped beach is reached via lots of steps – so you've got to be fairly sprightly to get down and back – but it's well worth it.

Soft sand or rock hard rocks, the choice is yours, crystal clear blue seas, views of the islands and your very own chiringuito with palm leaves for a roof gives a Polynesian feel to the beach.

If you have arrived by bus, DO remember to put a t-shirt on for the journey back to San Antonio as you won't be allowed on to public transport without one. (Even though it doesn't actually specify that shorts must be worn it's probably better to put them on too, just in case.)

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  1. Ja gestern waren wir am Cala Conta - Toller Strand - Sunset Ashram weniger toll - 2 besoffene deutsche "Proleten" quatschen Leute voll deren kleine kinder da bunte Steine bemalt haben und für 50ct. oder nen euro verkauft haben um sich ein Eis zu kaufen oder sowas....den Vater haben wir echt bewundert wie ruhig der war - den Kellner hinter der Bar weniger der nur blöd geguckt hat, fanden wir weniger lustig...wir saßen am Nachbartisch....