Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ibiza Uncovered: Punta Galera

If you've ever fancied going the extra few inches for an all over tan then there's no better way than getting your kit off, and tackle out (beach towel, shades and factor 30) on one of Ibiza's nudist beaches.

Spotlight's blog will lay bare the naked truth of Ibiza's top naturist spots in our new series Ibiza Uncovered.
Number 1 - Punta Galera.

Don't like sand everywhere? Then Punta Galera, a former quarry, has lovely flat stone platforms to stretch out on in your birthday suit. It's reached by heading north out of San Antonio and turning left for Cala Salada, take the left fork at the arch and descend all the way down to the end of the tarmac road.

Also known as Cala Yoga, a shrine to the Buddha and a Buddha's head can also be found here, which gives everyone something to look at during the long hot summer days. If you are going to Punta Galera to practice naked yoga we must warn you that everyone will know if your Kundalini is awakening!

The rock formations in the cliffs here have some unusual horizontal layers which have provided an irresistible attraction for geology buffs on many cruise trips which pass by the area. Don't forget to take your binoculars for a better view if the boat can't get too close to shore.

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