Thursday, April 30, 2009

Forgotten Ibiza: Greyhound Racing

It's unlikely that you've ever seen Ibiza's old greyhound racing stadium. At the back of Can Bufi, an industrial estate on the way out of Ibiza town to San Antonio, it's not exactly on the tried and tested tourist routes.

Now well past its former glory – can I say gone to the dogs? - it's presently used as a makeshift depot for one of the refuse disposal companies on the island.

 But, according to an Ibiza insider, it was once thronged with people watching and probably having the odd flutter on these magnificent animals chasing a mechanical hare.

The same insider – Toni from the Roca shop on the estate – exclusively revealed that on one occasion they'd tried to race our local hunting hounds, podencos, but failed miserably as these clever dogs soon worked out that if they all stood in the same place, the hare would eventually come round again on lap two!

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