Friday, May 1, 2009

Ibiza Fiesta: What about the Workers

Not only is today the official start of the holiday season in ibiza, but it's a national holiday in Spain. El Dia del Trabajador – Workers' Day – is celebrated by not doing any work. So what can idle workers do in Ibiza today?
We've raided the Diario de Ibiza's Cultural Agenda to find the following activities.

It's Indian Week in Ibiza and at the Can Ventosa Cultural Centre you can have a course in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian holistic medical system involving diet, yoga, massage and herbal remedies to keep you at optimum health (10.00) or watch a video about yoga (18.00)

 Feel like spending some money? Then you'll find plenty of knick-knacks, trinkets and bric-a-brac at the 'hippy markets' in Santa Eulalia (09.00 to 14.00) and Ibiza Port (17.00 to 02.00)

Traditional Fiestas are taking place in Santa Eulalia and San Jorge. In Santa Eulalia you can see some superb displays of horsemanship (11.00 to 19.00), browse some super boats for sale in the Nautical Fair, and take in a concert by Pota Lait and Toc Rock (21.30)

Here's a video of Ibiza's favourite pipe smoking, trilby wearing folk rock outfit Pota Lait

San Jorge has a fun fancy dress treasure hunt for adults of all ages, just bring a car, a camera and 4 of your mates (10.00) and at lunch time there's a Flao competition in the town plaza (13.00)

Fancy a bit of live music in I-town? Bar Demiedo has Flamenco fusion outfit Funkalé (23.00) at Bar Tal y Cual, Iván Doménech, Joan Barbé, Jano Blanco and Fernando Hormigo will play (23.30)

Not bad for a little island?

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