Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shameless Ibiza: Paco's View

I spotted the unprepossessing figure of Paco Fernandez at the cheese and bacon counter in the Ses Paisses branch of SYP supermarket yesterday and he readily agreed that if I gave him a good grilling that he would spill the beans on his recent trip to Britain.
He'd been in Manchester as part of the promotion of the 4 Balearic Islands which took place over the May Bank Holiday weekend and told me that he had not had much time to see the city but had enjoyed it immensely. He added that he'd found the people very friendly there even though most of his time had been spent going between his hotel and the concerts he performed.

He was really pleased with the organisation of the festival, the large crowds that turned out, and the venue in La Plaza de Alberto (Albert Square) and was hopeful that despite the low value of the pound at the moment, it would bring many British tourists to Ibiza this summer.

His message to tourists coming to Ibiza this year was that, sure, you can find places where you can spend lots of money on the island, but you can also find places where you spend hardly anything and still have a great time.

And you know, he's absolutely right!

Here he is in his more familiar role of chillout, jazz, flamenco guitarist in Raco Verd

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