Friday, June 26, 2009

Celebrity Ibiza: In Depth

Celebrityhood is a funny old game, especially when you're only famous for being famous. Our Spotlight news section is packed with household names whose appearance in a foreign land wouldn't turn a head, so today we present an in depth report on recent Ibiza visitor Javi Casquero, some of which is true.


Casquero's a central defender with Spanish 1st Division football team Getafe. He will forever be remembered for an incident in the last minute of the derby game with Real Madrid with the score at 2 – 2.


The stage was set for drama. Casquero scythed through the penalty area on the left side, Madrid's Brazilian defender Pepe (€30 million) 'he go crazy,' brought Casquero down, kicked him a couple of times, punched Getafe's AlbĂ­n, insulted the fourth referee on his way off and got a 10 match ban.


Meanwhile, Casquero, on hearing that he'd done enough writhing around to win a penalty, interrupted the priest giving him the last rites and got up Lazarus like to take the match winning shot.


Except that he missed it. Our fan-cam captures that moment of mixed emotions and some unsporting booing and whistling from the home crowd. In true 'Question of Sport' manner – what happened next?


Yes, Los Galacticos went straight up to the other end and scored to win the game 3 – 2 and pocket the 3 points in a bid to finish second in La Liga.

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