Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photo Ibiza: Santa Gertrudis

Taking photos for our Ibiza island guide is fraught with difficulties. No matter when or where, there's always something in the way of the subject matter to hinder the perfect photo. Usually it's cars parked untidily in front of a bar, big electricity cables, the back of someone's head, an enormous black cloud, or Katie Price's bra.
Fortunately with the aid of modern digital technology we can edit most of these obstacles out of our photos (although Big Chief Spotlight hasn't yet invested in the Jordan Bra-gone 2010 software.)

Wouldn't you just know that when we went to take photos of Santa Gertrudis and its new pedestrian square that half of it would be covered in fencing, pipes protruding up from the ground and a team of Andalucian labourers blessed with Jordan sized cleavages revealed by their sleek hipster jeans.

 What could we do but turn the other cheek and take a shot from another angle.

So here it is, the new pedestrian square of Santa Gertrudis with the fully wired Es Canto bar serving elevenses.

Which is not a bad effort given that I chose the worst weather day of the decade to make my first trip to the village last February. Even my cloud control software couldn't digitally enhance this one.

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