Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fiesta Ibiza: San Juan Island Wide

If you've read our news article with the programme for the San Juan Fiesta in the village of the same name you'll know that it's the epicentre of the celebrations.
Being Ibiza we don't restrict ourselves to one place and one day when there's a good party to be had, and true to form there are celebrations all over the island on the 23rd June

In Santa Eulalia you can see Catalan Folk Rockers La Carrau from Terrassa and local boys Pota Lait in concert in the town centre.

San Jose kicked off last night at the world famous KM8 bar Can Jordi with a concert by Projecte Mut, Black Onions and German rockers Pirate-X. On the 23rd there's a concert and bonfire next to the town hall with the Sagitario Orchestra.

In Talamanca there's a concert by The Lost Mountain Orchestra and The Lights in the Night followed by fireworks at midnight.

Puig den Valls has Folk Dancing at 22.00 followed by midnight fireworks

Jesús has a dance orchestra and yes, midnight fireworks.

Ibiza town, which has reduced its budget for the night's celebrations by 75% from previous years, has a concert by Mar del Este (featuring San Antonio's singing policeman Micki Silva) in the Reina Sofia park

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