Thursday, June 11, 2009

Live Ibiza: Music

Our Ibiza Spotlight forum now has a live music section where you can bone up on the venues and gigs where records don't rule the roost.

To help inaugurate it here's some information from two completely different ends of the live music scale.

This Saturday (13 June)you can catch The City of Ibiza Symphony Orchestra live in concert - it's the first in a series of outdoor concerts -  in the Plaza del Parque at 21.30 and this is the programme

1.- Fiesta en la caleta, Texidor

2.- Music for the royal fireworks, G. F. Haendel (Arr. A. de Arend)

3.- Las bodas de Fígaro, W.A. Mozart (Arr. R.A. de Santiago)

4.- Sobre las olas, J. Rosas Arr.: R. Geyer

5.- Giuseppe Verdi, G. Verdi Arr. N. Studnitzky

6.- Pomp and circumstance núm 1, E. Elgar (Arr. H. Van Lijnschooten)

7.- El choclo, Tradicional (Arr.: N. Tailor)

8.- Fiddler on the roof, J. Bock (Arr.: T.L.Sharpe)

9.- Tequila, C. Rio (Arr.: M. Story)

10 .- Ran kan kan, T.Puente (Arr.: B. Lecoeur)

How did Tito Puente get in there?

At San Antonio's Villa Mercedes you can dine or drink to live music from Wednesday to Sunday with a Jazzy/Flamenco/Bossa theme and even catch Ibiza's official musical ambassador Paco Fernandez in concert.


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