Friday, July 31, 2009

Ibiza on Two Wheels: Segway

Ever fancied a trip up to the top of Dalt Vila, Ibiza's old town, but been put off by the heat and the steep cobbled streets which quite literally leave you too breathless to appreciate the breathtaking views from the summit.

As I discovered today there's an easier, fun way to get to the top – it's by those natty little electro-gizmos, the Segway.

I test drove one today for the first time and it's like riding on air. The big tyres absorb all the jolts and jars from the bumpy streets and kerbs and your elevated position gives an almost bird's eye view of where you're going.
Driving is a cinch! Lean forward a little and you go forward, lean back and you're in reverse. Tip the handlebars to the left and you turn left, the other way and you're on the right track.
I had my driving lesson in Ibiza's Vara de Rey courtesy of Ecoway Ibiza who do tours of the town, and if you're in Formentera you can hire a Segway from Elektracar.

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