Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Notorious Ibiza: Gary's World

The British Red Tops are once again full of notorious Ibiza stories, this time surrounding London boy done good (his own words) Gary Goldsmith. Gary made his fortune when his business Computer Futures sold for a mere £275 million 4 years ago.

So what's the Ibiza connection and why should the press be interested? Gary owns a £5 million villa near Cala Jondal sometimes known as Gary's World or the more imaginatively titled Maison de Bang Bang. He's also, by an accident of birth, the uncle of Kate Middleton.

Kate who? She's the girlfriend of Prince William who is, by an accident of birth, heir to the British throne and the couple actually stayed at the villa last year when GG was also there.
With us so far?
The press and secret service are not that keen on our Gary because he actually seems to enjoy having wads of cash which he spends, shall we say, unwisely?

 Anyway, why are we telling you this? Because Gary's a member of our very own Spotlight Forum. We have calculated that, should Kate and William marry, and an Emmerdale Farm-like tragedy wipe out 15,678 members of the British Royal family, then our Gary would become King of all the Britons!!

We'd make him a super moderator if ever this fantasy came to pass.

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  1. Great article about the Segway tour of Dalt Villa. Trouble was it wasn't written in English any chance of a translation?? In fact there were one or two other articles written in a foreign language.
    I've been a Spotlight reader for many years now in fact my wife and I bought a copy of Spotlight on our first holiday to Ibiza in 1988.
    Perhaps there should be a language translator on the various pages.
    Kind Regards..................Tiny Francis