Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ibiza Fiesta: Rock and Religion

We have yet another fiesta on the horizon in Ibiza this month.
It's the celebration of San Bartolome, known as St. Bartholomew in English on 24th August. Many places all around Spain as well as San Antonio honour the life of the Saint, who was one of Christ's disciples (also known as Nathaniel)  and is also the patron saint of butchers.
A martyr, he met a grisly end somewhere in the east when he was skinned alive and then crucified upside down, and is often depicted in paintings as holdinghis own skin over his arm as one would carry an overcoat.
Thankfully, there's nothing grisly about the fiesta's headline act this year, Spanish rocker, Rosendo. A veteran guitarist of the Spanish rock scene, Rosendo's first influences in the early 70's were Rory Gallagher and Canned Heat.
Now in his 50's he's still rocking, but these days he no longer plays a Fender Stratocaster, having swopped it for a Gibson some years ago because it looked cooler.

Here he is on video

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