Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ibiza's Great Big Celebrity August

If it's August then it must be Star time in Ibiza. The tabloids in Britain and Spain are awash with photos of Movie Stars, Singers and the like all taking a well earned break on the island from their busy workaday lives.

Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio has been spotted shirtless on a beach (whoa) and queuing up at Ibiza Rocks to see Dizzee Rascal. There are conflicting reports concerning his companions – some say he's here with a group of friends, others that he's with new girlfriend, Russian model Anne V.

Sadie Frost is back on Ibiza, this time she's brought a black bikini to show off her 44 year old curves and her not so curvy sister to make them look even better!

Famous Mexican singer Paulina Rubio who was recently spotted on the front cover of Pacha magazine wearing what appeared to be an enormous comedy wig was also spotted at the club's Flower Power Fiesta, one of her favourite Ibiza places, according to the interview with the mag.

Someone with more column inches than all the above three put together is Nacho Vidal, taking a break on Formentera, who told local paper the Diario de Ibiza that in his seven years working in the USA's porno film industry he'd only had time to go out and party 4 times – less fun than he'd had in North Africa during his 18 months in the Spanish Foreign Legion.

If you can't remember the plot of DiCaprio's best known film, here's a shortened version which just leaves the best bits in and omits all of the lovey-dovey scenes.

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