Thursday, October 15, 2009

San Rafael Rocks

he programme for the San Rafael fiesta has just been published in our Ibiza Spotlight news section and here on our blog is a little bit more information about the most important event - the Oktoberfest beer and rock bash.

Beer drinkers can choose San Miguel, Franziskaner, Becks, Coronita, Kronenbourg, Cobra Beer, San Miguel 1516, and San Miguel 0,0 no alcohol beer for drivers. Don't forget that there are buses from San Antonio and Ibiza town which run all night on a Saturday, even in winter.

Not only have I spent most of the morning trying to fathom out what the programme (only available in Catalan) meant, but I've also sweated through You Tube to find some clips of the bands.

So, without further ado....................


The Black Onions

Stone Corners

Let's Rock!

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