Sunday, February 21, 2010

Underground Ibiza: Can Cires

Can there be anywhere else like Ibiza that has so many multi-cultural venues which are nearly all 'hush-hush' top secret?

Here's another one, Can Cires in San Mateo, which is a bar, restaurant, art gallery, live music venue and all round 'happening' place.

You can't miss it, it's before the church coming in from San Antonio/Santa Ines, after it if you're coming from San Miguel.

Some of the islands top musicians have played here since the old building was completely renovated a few years ago - here's the Alfredo Souza Jazz trio in action

This coming Thursday 25th February, there's a music/arts jam session with Jon Michell and for further information you can keep up with all that's happening here in Facebook

Here's a video featuring the foodie side of things at Can Cires

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