Sunday, February 21, 2010

Operation Ibiza Cleanup: The Sequel

A little over a year ago our blog featured a story about all the boats beached around San Antonio's bay after the area was pounded by high winds and seas.

What we didn't feature was the damage done to the (then) new elevated walkway along the port by the ferry terminal. The smart new railings were left mangled by the power of the sea and much of the flooring was torn up. Estimates of tens of thousands of Euros were given to repair it and anyone who visited San Antonio over the summer would have seen that it was closed to the public throughout the season.

Well, now it's been repaired and brought back to its former pristine condition and makes a really pleasant stroll to the end and back - especially if you want to take in the sea breezes on a hot summer's day.

And if anyone's interested, there are STILL two boats stuck in the sand of the bay!

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