Monday, July 26, 2010

Art Ibiza: Frank Delange

A few weeks ago we published the complete programme of art exhibitions at the Atzaro Hotel and Spa and they've now kindly sent us some more information about the exhibition by Frank Delange which starts today.

Jean Monnert, Président de la Fédération des salons historiques du Grand Palais á Paris said this about the artist:

"Frank Delante has only one simple and sublime desire: transmit his joy to unveil a world of his own, in which bluish landscapes have, up to now, been unknown to us. His luminous paintings irradiate an unlimited generosity, an intense desire to communicate his amazement, ´´ to translate these moments of happiness, to bring some sunshine to other people`` , and to nourish his own way of living based on the values of beauty, kindness… all those things which make for a more enjoyable, free and exalted life. A savoury of optimism and enthusiasm."

From which you'll probably gather that Frank doesn't work in the IT department of the council.

Here are some of his communications

Are you as amazed as he is?

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