Monday, July 19, 2010

Ibiza Weekend: Gran Hotel

The weekend starts early at Ibiza's super modern, super cool art hotel, The Gran Hotel.

Thursdays from 20.00 see Ibiza Essentials on the terrace where you can watch the lights come on all over Dalt Vila as the sun goes down.

If you've never visited the real casino at the Gran Hotel for fear of winning loadsamoney then you're in for a treat on Fridays when gambling for fun arrives in the form of Casino Royale in the Gee Bar.

You get all the glamour and sophistication of the 40's - think, Bergman, Monroe, Bogie, Bacall, Mitchum et al - plus a cool musical vibe and the stakes aren't so high. Your chips come with your drinks and you could win ...... more drinks!

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