Friday, July 9, 2010

Ibiza Music Legends

Ibiza's recent history is littered with connections to legends of the music world. Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Cream, Joni Mitchell, Nico, little Kylie, Noel Gallagher, Mike Oldfield and not forgetting the other feller, whats-his-name, the one that was in the army.

Add to these the Lords of Techno and Gods of House, the DJ's who preside over our famous discotheques in summer and Ibiza truly deserves a place in the Worlds' Music Hall of Fame.

Well, forget about all that, because here's Timmy Mallet in his video of Hot, Hot, Hot filmed in San Antonio Bay and Cala Moli in 1992. Apologies about the sound, I thought it was going to be silent all the way through but unfortunately it comes on after 17 seconds.

Can you name the locations?

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