Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ibiza Rock Connections: Kevin Ayers

Or 'What Comes around, Goes Around.'

Picture this, it's the mid sixties, Free form Jazz Rockers Soft Machine have just been on a long tour of the States supporting the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The Softies' bass player Kevin Ayers is brassed off, sells his Fender Jazz bass to Noel Redding, and heads off to Ibiza.

On the island he is inspired and writes a wodge of songs which become the album 'Joy of a Toy.'

Here's a video of Lady Rachel, written in and inspired by, Ibiza.

Returning to Britain, Kev recruits a band 'The Whole World' to promote the album and who's playing bass? Why, a young Mike Oldfield!

Kev lends Mike a multi-track recorder and that's the story of Tubular Bells!

Many years later Oldfield comes to live in Ibiza and records Tubular Bells III in his house in Es Cubells.

On a personal note, I saw Kevin Ayers and the Whole World perform Lady Rachel live on their promotional tour at Liverpool Stadium in May 1970 and I now live in Ibiza, though I don't think it really counts as a rock connection!

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