Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kirstie Does Ibiza

If you've been surprised to see Channel 4's Kirstie Allsop flying about Ibiza in a 2CV over the last few days there's no need to worry. She's not here in her 'Location, location, location' guise on a mission to buy Ibiza for a couple of Yuppies who've just sold their central London Studio and want to relocate 'for a less urban lifestyle and have kids'
According to her voluminous Twitter page 'KirstieMAllsopp'

“We're in Ibiza for our new Channel 4 show Holidays Unpacked, which comes out in March, Pip's been here a lot, me never!”

Who the hell's Pip? No idea but here he is with his head sticking out of the roof of his car.

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