Friday, November 19, 2010

Ibiza Winter: Cardamom Club

or to be more descriptive 'Cardamom Cafe, Lounge, Bar, Restaurant' in Santa Eulalia

Now the 'cool' season's upon us, it's time to cosy up at Cardamom for Warm and Cosy logfire weekends!

They are now open during the winter weekends for healthy, nutritious, handmade indian and non-indian dishes. We use the freshnest ingredients in their vast selection of recipes benefitting yourself, your friends and your family from unrefined natural goodness
Don't forget, that's Delicious Indian Gourmet delights & Craig's Rustic Countryside Menu - inspired by our local farmers market & Prindy's organic herb garden!

Friday & Saturdays from 7pm and All Day Sundays from 1pm for lunch with Kids In Ibiza supervising the childrens lounge, through until Dinner 11pm!

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